Modular molding systems

Get the maximum of the Lean Manufacturing for all your plastic injection parts.

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Injection molding is the fastest and cheapest way to produce plastic parts, whether in small or large quantities. But the production startup of injection molds remains very long and laborious, which greatly limits the flexibility of companies.

We solved these problems with AMS, a modular molding system for ultra-fast changeover of molds directly on molding machines. It takes less than 3 minutes to go from one production to another. Real time savings for more flexible production and simplified stock management.

One system, many advantages


Module changeover in less than 3 minutes against 2 hours for a classic mold


By controlling the lean production, stocks are easier to manage and your reactivity against customer requests increases.


All our modules are interchangeables. No adjustment is needed to move from one production to another.


Modules are 30% to 50% cheaper than classic molds with equivalent functions


By reducing the molds to their simplest expression, maintenance times are decreased by 80%.


No skill is required to change a module.

A controlled investment

When a company wants to launch a product, it needs to make several parts and to equip as many molds as necessary. This means to buy several times the same items that fulfill identical functions. In the AMS system, only modules are customized. All functions common to conventional molds are placed in a frame that can accommodate any AMS module and thus produce any part.

Cost per part for:
One reference with a classic mold
One reference with AMS system
Two references with AMS system
Three references with AMS system

A solution tailored to your needs

1. Personalization

We define the options and customizations of your frame to meet your specifications.

2. Customization

You set up your modules with our AMS Maker online tool and receive the AMS modules ready for finalization.

3. Finalization

The modules have only to be finalized by one of our mold makers partners or directly by you or one of your subcontractors.

Learn more about Modetec modular molds

Learn more with our pages dedicated to AMS modules and frames where you will find:

  • Detailed case studies

  • Design guides

  • The AMS Maker configurator


AMS modular molds are open to all our customers for their own tooling development. Several choices are possible:

  • You contact us to study your project. We support you until the end by taking care of the design, manufacturing and development of your tools through one of our mold makers partners. This is the turnkey solution.
  • You choose one of our mold makers partners who know and master the AMS system. They can meet your expectations by offering you the best technical solutions.
  • You wish to produce yourself a tool or by one of your mold makers. We determinate your need and provide a frame and one or more customized modules that meet your specifications. You will be able to finalize the design and the machining of the module in order to produce your parts.

Each company has its own constraints and methods. The strength of AMS is to propose a customizable standard system. We modify our frames to fully meet your specifications, whether press-clamping, hydraulic couplings or electrical connectors, for instance. All our modules fit into any of our frames.

AMS modular molds have many economic advantages. First, the cost of several modules is much cheaper than several equivalent conventional tools. In addition, the AMS high-speed changeover system makes it possible to greatly reduce molding machine and maintenance downtimes. Finally, the limited size of the modules reduces the transport and storage costs. You can finally claim the Lean method you dream of.

The AMS system makes it possible to produce all small and medium-sized plastic injection parts, from the most conventional to the most challenging materials, from the simplest to the most sophisticated kinematics.

Yes, one of the major advantages of the AMS system is that it can handle a very large majority of complex cinematics. Some people think that modular means limited possibilities. We think exactly the opposite and we are constantly improving our system to make it as scalable as possible.

No, the AMS system is suitable for all types of molds, whether designed for a few dozen or more millions of parts. The patented AMS system allows a very precise repositioning of the modules and the high-end steels used provide an excellent precision and longevity to our tools.

A change from one reference to another takes 3 minutes “molding to molding” with AMS modular molds while it can take several hours with a conventional mold.

A AMS module is not limited in number of cavities. Only the size of the plastic part will limit the number of cavities. If your request in terms of number of cavities is too large to be accommodated in a single module, we will direct you to multi-modules frames.

We generally recommend hot nozzles or hot runners in most cases for the sake of robustness and ease of maintenance. However, AMS frames can be adapted to direct injection systems.

Most plastic injection molding machines can accommodate AMS vframes. The minimum requirement is to have at least 500 millimeters between the opened trays.

Yes, we are adapting our modules so that they can be suited to pressure sensors from most suppliers in the market.

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